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cold front cold front cold front yeag! [Feb. 13th, 2007|05:09 pm]
the best sort of vacations are the ones that are of short duration and by complete suprise. Although the chances are slim, im really hoping for roads that are far to icy to drive on.

Hot Chocolate


Making music

Playing with Binky Toy and turntables (i think i fucked up one of my needles so it might be a good thing to replace before my dream freeze happens)

finding neat frozen things to take pictures of.

cold feet

burning rosy cheeks on everyone, complete with the drunkards red nose.

(pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase!) I need it! I want an ice day!
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happiness is... [Feb. 13th, 2007|12:17 am]
pulling into a gas station to cash in some free gas cards i scored, while a middle-aged man dances and bobs and pops to C&C Music Factory's "I've Got The Power" for no apparent reason in a parking space, not going in, parked psuedo-sideways, before i got there, while i was pumping gas, and then still not moving after i left.

Maybe he was getting ready to rob the store after i left, and needed a little something to pep his step.

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Harrumph [Feb. 8th, 2007|12:51 am]
I have been abnormally aggresive lately. Not physically, even though there are certain situations where i want to slap the stupid out of someone, but verbally. I do of course, know certain reasons why this is going on, but there are reasons that contribute to this that i lack the needed understanding to work through in a timely, concise, and precise manner. I dont like being a grumpy gus.


Evolution time. As always. I need to look for a new kind of perspective about many things, as well as a certain level of chemical issues. For one of my many medical issues, i have had to change therapies not so long ago and it is having some interesting side-effects, ie, the aggression, wierd pains, etcetera. however, other situations contribute to this, and i need to develop the patience to move through these things to their logical conclusions.

And it looks like i will be bringing my hypermodernturtablism to a show again here in february. I think the 24th...
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Statement of Intent [Jan. 29th, 2007|05:06 pm]
I've been in a shitty mood for two weeks now.

When does this sort of thing go away? I dont like it.
I have to find something to put my head into a different place, but keeping myself occupied is incredibly difficult at the moment.

However, i have devised new concepts for the purpose of musical making.
By using typical turntablist manuevers, the possibility of bridging the gap between hip hop and experimentalism are now go. While i like mixing, performance and improvized music through gestural controls is much more fun. I still have some bugs to work out in the setup (ie, the most effecient way to set things up, integrating midi controlers, virtual crossfade and real crossfade, and a series of customized key commands).
I now have enough time-coded records to have a two sets of turntables. Rather than mixing in a traditional sense, series of selfmade samples can be manipulated to allow a true performance - the tools are more like instruments, but not like a qbert/scratchpickles sort of way. I have to convince my friend Blake to alter his setup to allow for this. (i just have to get the idea of dubstep off of his mind).

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Noise-Hop Revolution has begun. Put that Merzbow patch on your adidas jacket.
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Heartbreak city [Jan. 23rd, 2007|05:44 pm]
Doing what is right...no change that, what is needed (versus wanted), sucks.

We sat on my couch, holding each other while tears ran down cheeks, neither of us wanting to move. It was an ending that no one wanted, but had to happen.
It was situational. Always situational. Certain things in the way, differing plans, etc.

It took forever to say goodbye, we held hands and kissed gently.
It was better to end on this note than to ruin a friendship that spanned the majority of our lives.
Goodbye little werewolf, i will miss getting my ribs torn out on the full moon.
I will see you around, in a little while, the way things used to be (and ill refrain from telling you how much i want to kiss you put my hands around your waste and walk around aimlessly all night).

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Remember... [Jan. 7th, 2007|04:31 am]
that job that i had talked about in an earlier post?


Its on. i will have it,. It wont be immediate, but a gradual weaning towards it as i develop and gain certain skills and knowledge...but....i am soon going to be doing contract work, going to the macworld world expo, going to one of the largest AV conventions in the US (where i can talk to the engineers and meet the people who did the sound design for starwars and indiana jones and the matrix), recording podcasts for some famous ass political people. One of the projects in the works is to capture audio and video in the Mayan ruins in mexico for cultural preservation, creating media for the UTSA cultural museum, and running around texas with a portable dat recording sounds and capturing images for other cultural thingamaboppers, and working for some high profile beer people.

Ummm...it wont be immediate, but i have to start sketching out ideas for permenant media displays for some spots around town. When you drive by these places, you can say "hey, i know one of the guys who developed that".

I had beer with the person who is going to be my on again off again boss, went to a server room and got a preview of a lot of cooooooooool stuff.
Sometime soon im going to SA to examine a geodesic dome with 43 screens and a 16 channel surround system, all running in a non-linear and interactive fashion. Im hoping to add some input and get some money/time to learn how to run the whole thing off of a single MAX/MSP/Jitter patch, streaming the data from a raid stripe 0 Xserve.

Ummmmm......can you say fucking cool? I can. I cant quit the day job just yet....but in a couple of months, yes.

Now i have to sleep, tommorow im making fancy dinner for melissa.
Oh, and i also have a way to get some serious wieght pushed at the genius bar at the apple store....!
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The Year Of.... [Dec. 30th, 2006|02:51 am]
The Year of the Rat. The year of Capri Pants, The Year of the Rock. It seems like people of socio-cultural-political influence like to make general ideas for years. Musicians, Fashionistas, politicians.

Well this year, i am making it entirely my own. 2007 will be the year of seeing how much i can fit in my mouth at once. 2007 will be the year of eating strange berries i found walking up north loop (its true! I ate what could have been a crab-apple or a rose hip, some wierd blue thing, and i think a juniper berry. I blame Melissa. But then again, she ate them too). This will be the year i finally put my entire fist or foot in my mouth (although, i have a lot of foot-in-mouth moments, i think i may try to get flexible enough to put my actual foot into my mouth). This will be the year of urban hunter and gathering (stay away from the Lambs Candies dumpster. That belongs to the WONO Posse). I missed Humbum Christmas this year, but i am talking about 2007. i will take more walks before trash pickup looking for useless heaps of electronic junk (2 computers and a VCR just sitting by a curb...they didnt work, but dammit, i could have used them. I dont know what for, but they could be taking up space on my floor right now). i will hunt down wildly growing urban produce, pluder it, and eat it (you have no idea how much i miss doing this. In NOLA when i was broke and hungry i often picked bananas over by the CC's down on esplenade, or plundered spearmint from the private school on royal street for tea).
This year, despite the fact that tobacco will be elevated by a dollar a pack january first, i will see how many i can smoke AT THE SAME TIME, how many pizzas i can eat in one sitting, and this will be the year that i can pop my jaw out of socket and fit my entire fucking hand in my mouth.

2007 will be the "Year of Davids Mouth". Period.
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AHHHHHHH! [Dec. 8th, 2006|05:24 pm]
The next 24 hours will be a rush job for an art-avant-thing. I have had all week to do it but im still recovering from the last string of allnighters including going to the day job as well.

After that, back to work on the pair of ep's (which should have been done months ago, just time hasnt allowed for it), playing rekkids with Mez, and it looks like an old band i was in is talking about getting back together. Noisy, arty, spastic punk rock. I will be on the noise makers of course, mostly because over the years of live playing i have managed to destroy just about every piece of guitar and bass equipment that i have owned, and shediedinelpaso needs to reflect more current interests. Oh, and frank, lets finish that inalonelyplace album sometime soon, and get on ethedrone.

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Ooooooooo [Dec. 6th, 2006|09:47 pm]
When a girl tells you that in exchange for living in your closet, she will teach you how to be a werewolf, followed by werewolf wrestling, you know its probably going to be a good thing.
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Yes! [Nov. 28th, 2006|05:33 pm]
Audio/film project#1 finished. At 1130 last night, we left the whole thing to render out. After quite a while of not getting adequate sleep, i slept for 14 hours.

Audio/film project#2 will begin shortly, and fortunately, this project is A. a lot less work, B. right up my alley (doing effx/sound design for an artsy narative piece thats will just be me making trippy noises and doing wierd stuff), and C. Paid. This is very timely concidering i have almost no money in my bank account until next payday. Hopefully, i can get an up-front soon because i need smokes, gas, and groceries.

Honestly, the dude could fill my tank the rest of the way up and take me grocery shopping and i would be happy, but this job might equal a months rent for a week of (16 hour days) work. We will get to that later. This guy runs an HD aquisition service, so he has the cash.

Hopefully on monday i will find out more info on the job that i am trying to get...i WANT this job like nobodies business. Getting paid a regular salary to screw around with multimedia stuff all day and possibly travel to do installations would be tha dopest shit ever.

Now, back to work on music for myself.
The reaktor universal binary came out so i can get back to work rebuilding my live setup. and i really would like to do some upgrading on midi controllers, or find out how much the mawser custom builds are going to cost - although, they are fucking cool. Its a plug-n-play customizable interface, meaning - you can arrange the bank of knobs, touch pads, buttons, faders, rotaries, etc anyhow you like, while maintaining all the same CC's for each controller. Neat!

So on that note....because i need money, and equipment feeds equipment, my much loved but seldom used Korg MS2000r is for sale. Im making a craigs list post in a day or so here, but average ebay/CL price is roughly $300, obo.

This will turn into a evolution UC33e and an maudio trigger finger, hopefully.

(i have a rediculous obsession with midicontrollers, and since live6 and reaktor both accept more than one interface via midi i/o on various devices, i could have a bajillion linked up without too many issues. FUN!)
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